Monday, May 2, 2016

Dusting | Household chores

Dusting is a mundane work and a compulsory essential on a daily basis.
There are many tools available in market but they are all reusable. I wish to have something disposable. Hence created my own with plastic bags and newspaper and a thread to tie the Knot!
See for yourself....

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gift basket upcycling

Gift basket made of card paper is transformed into a lampshade. The base is a 2.5L plastic bottle. See the images below!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Foam sheet crafts

The much talked about topic now-a-days but not a single one to cater for a real party woman. So I have conjugated two very famous ideas with hoards of videos on you tube which are milk carton purse plus foam sheet crafts. The result is awesome!
The journey of making party clutches for real women took me to heights of pain and frustration. And I admit right away that it actually made me to create something a new.
What come handy though is all the skills I have acquired all along in crafting different stuff. But what I lack is patience with trials and error prone steps which cannot be avoided at any cost as there is no reference available online. Totally stuck for few days at first then came up with my own  ideas!
Why am I writing all this. It is because never get frustrated in your life if you unable to locate any solution to a problem like crafting. Create the solution yourself. I know it is easy to write than to do but all is well if it ends well. A very old saying!
Enjoy every day of your life, may Lord brings joy and happiness to you, amen.