Friday, March 27, 2015

Tie & Dye

Dyeing fabric, an ancient art form. Vivid hues have enchanted humankind since time begins. Colors found by primitive man through the utilization of different plants' parts such as juices, blossoms, leaves, bark and roots. And applying these substances to primitive fabric was its’ recreation.

Tie-dye as we apply the term prevalent in the United States in the mid 1950's. In one thousand B.C., fabrics, for example, those used to wrap mummies found in colored in Egypt. Tie-dye thought to be a result of ancient implementation of dyes.

Despite the fact that fabric was perishable and crumbled, archaeologists still settled that a range of stamps could have been utilized for printing fabric five thousand years back in Mesopotamia and Indo-pak subcontinent.

China has been making a type of tie-dye following the 6th century. They knew how to turn, overlay, and tie silk or cotton so when the fabric plunged into dye, distinctive parts of the fabric would retain the color. This brought forth diverse parts of the material to show shading more vibrantly than the rest.

Pre-Columbian Peru, Nigeria, and different nations, particularly on the west shore of Africa have delighted in the specialty of tie-dye. North African tribes made spot designs on woolen materials. The Yoruba ladies of West Nigeria produce marvelous indigo-colored fabrics which are composed intricately with the creasing and tritik (sewing systems.)

However, there are thousand ways to dye fabric or combine few to create a masterpiece. Today I have combine two tying techniques before dyeing an old T-shirt. To be on the safe side I have prepared a sample.

The T shirt is...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Tissue Cover Box

Tissue box covers are of many types but I desire to buy something which would accessories my living area. I have searched every market in Rawalpindi but of no gain.
Hence decided to diy. Hence YouTube is of great help. Though it is my first attempt but the result is astonishing see it for yourself.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wrapping Paper Organizer

Lately, I am organizing every piece of craft supplies. I have bombarded Google and YouTube but again nothing comes up with zero budget storage options.
Thus I have managed to get my hands on milk cartons and voila see the result yourself!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Journey of Bangles' transformation

Bangles are the most desired gift for girls of any age. And close to heart for brides and married ladies all over Pakistan.
But what to do when it became out of size and one doesn't wishes to depart from it.
Well an idea sprang in my mind and then lead me to explore the WWW but all in vain. I was unable to find single idea on Google and YouTube search engines.
So I started chalking out the plan and the modus operandi. My sincerest apologies to those who might have posted something similar but unfortunetly nothing comes up in my searches however, I have rephrase it and have done searches for almost 15 times on the stated search engines.
This post is picture heavy and as it is said a picture is mightier than thousand words.

Evening Clutch

Evening clutch purse an essential accessory to complement any dress for a special occasion.
But to keep pace with the rapid recent trends changes it's sometime very difficult to purchase popular brand.
To solve this issue I have gone through few videos on YouTube to make one for myself. It's bit trickey to handle nooks and corners to glue for beginners. A word of caution for this use white glue in place of hot glue gun. You'll definitely avoid burning from it.
Here are the pictures of my evening clutch journey!