Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Salt dough fun

I love to play with salt dough and had visited many websites with different projects but mine is in 360 degree i.e., within the recycling line, see below! I have covered an empty glass pills' bottle with colored salt dough and voila a new piece for my home. Its simply an Aubergine. I have many in this line and had made Bell peppers, tomatoes and eggs.

Waste Not Want Not!

I am a fan of recycling and always have recycled or refashioned sometime refurbished old or torn away stuff not wanted by others. Its my humble effort towards a greener planet. Some of my efforts you can witness in the adjacent picture.
The other is how to safe PC Mouse from dust, my city is dust heavy, so here's the solution for this!

Moreover, bottle caps are my favorite, see below!

Last but not least using crochet patterns as jewelry!