Thursday, January 10, 2013


There is so much going on regarding Re-purposing old stuff such as old cards, newspaper, credit cards, cans, tires, scraps and what not. I was surfing net the a day earlier and came across some very interesting and unique recycling projects which I would like to share with the rest which may miss and I don't want it to happen. As I want to give credit to people like me & you who are giving their precious time in decreasing land-fills. So here is the list:
  1. Memory journal
  2. Plastic Cups Outdoor Light Fixture
  3. New life to old stuff
  4. Toilet Rolls
  5. Fashion gala
  6. Credit Card to ....
  7. Wedding invitation to favor bag
  8. Trash to treasure
  9. Bed-head to planter and many more
  10. Trash to decor
The list is endless......