Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Homemade false nails

I have been eating brain boosting super food which is Banana. So my mind is bursting with ideas. Here I am presenting to all beauty product lovers on how to diy fake nails. You really don't have to go for shopping something sturdy and cheap. You have got it lying somewhere alongside the trash bin. My all time favorite Soda bottle.
First thoroughly clean and dry it up. Then cut the middle portion. Measure your nail size with the help of a paper and use this as template. Then cut rectangles and cut your custom made artificial nails. See the picture below:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Milk Cartons to placemats take you to Finacial Independence

Trash not want not is buzzing all over the globe and a lot of stuff is available online too. To my surprise many cottage industries have mushroomed out in the last five years to make use of recyclable materials. These individuals create crafts, home utilities and house decor items.
After going through many pins, I feel that still a lot of domains are empty, so why not I initiate something with much greater impact and hence have created many items before which is available for the readers, craftsmen, craftswomen and viewers. But the item 'm going to post today have more depths than the rest. This I have come up with many milk cartons, I have been hoarding for some other project. Then a novel idea hit my brain. I made a utility & open the door of earnings for people living in refuge. Such that I have made the item & teach some people how to do it. They made the item and sell in the local market. Hence, there's more demand of it so many people have joined the circle to come up with a proper business.
I am very happy that my journey of putting time and converting trash into treasure yielded some one with financial independence.